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Since December 2008 combining Jazz, Funk and Rock, we create our own sound closed tied to the Blaxploitation Sound of the seventies, that we named Hot Funk. We could present this style in the most well-known clubs, cicles and festivals of jazz and funk of Buenos Aires.

DGA is:

  • Mauro Montes de Oca ( Trumpet )
  • Juan Lacruz ( Tenor sax )
  • Bruno Ciccotelli ( Keyboards )
  • Augusto Barbalán ( Bass & Contrabass )
  • Antonio "Tony" Morales ( Drums )
  • Fer Dos Santos Claro ( Official Photographer )


In the seventies, film productions began to emerge performed and interpreted almost in its exclusivity by african-americans, in which they were described. Most of the attitudes and enviroments related to the world of the illicit businesses, sex and violence inside the american cities.
This thematics were in many cases produced with a strong resentment for the racism, prevailing in large part of the u.s. territory. The blaxpoitation emerged. Prostitutes and pimps, drug traffikers or corrupt detectives became main characters in films in which the seventies aesthetics shone in all its splendour: Shirts with large collars, oxford trousers and platform shoes, all that adorned with funk, disco, jazz and soul music.
The authentic boom will come the same year with a film of gordon parks produced by mgm, "The Red Harlem Nights" (1971), "Shaft" in its original version. A classic thriller with detective John Shaft, who would make his protagonist a film star, Richard Roundtree and who would make that Isaac Hayes win an oscar to the best song for "Theme from Shaft". Its formidable renown would make that roundtree placed his image in two sequels "Shaft comes back to Harlem" (1972) and "Shaft in Africa" (1973).

Subsequently, that popularity was supported by a tv serie. An important aspect would come by the great soundtracks composed for those films, in which a significant part of the main characters of the afro music would be involved. From Marvin Gaye to Solomon Burke, going through the impressions, the already mentioned Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack, James Brown or the four tops. In addition to the "Shaft", another of the key titles of the blaxpoitation explosion was "Superfly" (1972), a film in which, once again we found the recurrent topic of drugs, mafia and sex. "Superfly" came back to sing with a splendid music, on this opportunity the great Curtis Mayfield came through it.
Over the years, the plots of the several Blaxploitation productions began to loose their strength due to its natural reiteration and the movement began to disappear with the end of this decade. Derive from the favour of a public, tired of redundancy that longed for shaft's creative wanderings.


Octubre 21, 2013

Viaje en el tiempo al soul y al funnky de los años 70

Diego Curubeto para el diario Ámbito Finaciero, Octubre 2013

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Octubre 14, 2013

Funk de Superacción

Nicolás Russo para Revista XXIII, Octubre 2013

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